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Three Tips for Greater Marketing Success in 2024

There are different opinions about how 2024 is going to start and shake out for businesses. All business leaders are concerned about ways to become more profitable and continue growing, regardless of their perspective. Here’s a bit of practical marketing advice on the hottest trends you will see in 2024, and tips for using them effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use

Most companies are already using AI in some way or another. We’ve learned a lot about AI this year, and we know that AI is here to stay. It’s becoming increasingly important to define and follow ethical standards for its use at your company.

AI has the potential to be very disruptive, and it’s important to use it in a way that minimizes potential harm. Ethicists and legal scholars are still figuring out who should be held responsible for harm and damages, but we know harm can (and likely will) occur.

Some of the more dangerous factors are already known, and more will come to light as AI use grows in popularity. Using AI is going to require working with higher level strategists so you can minimize the potential for damage claims. That’s not something your content writer can do for you (even if they graduated from law school). If you are not sure what skills you need on your team, set up a 15-minute call. If you don’t have anyone on your team with the right skills, we can help in the most economical way possible. Email us to learn more!

Stick with Human Created Content

AI is a great tool for making human content creators more productive, but now is not the time to replace your content writers with AI. Here are three reasons why:

  1. AI cannot reflect tone or emotion, and emotional connections are what help you build your brand and your business.
  2. AI content is not as engaging as content written by a (skilled) human content writer.
  3. AI is not very good at telling stories yet, and storytelling sells.

There are many other reasons to keep your best human content writers around. These are just a start. People are getting pretty good at determining when content has been created by a human versus a chatbot. It’s gotten to the point where the number one question posed in website chats is asking if the operator is a real human. People want connections to people. Don’t undervalue the ones on your team.

Use Immersive and Interactive Marketing

If you have not yet stepped into the world of interactive and immersive marketing, 2024 may be the year to do it. If this sounds like some expensive, high-tech solution, breathe. Surveys, quizzes, polls, interactive videos, and calculators are a few examples of easier to implement tools, and they work well when they are used strategically.

Don’t just throw a tool together with minimal thought, though, or you could find that the time and money you’re investing won’t provide ROI. People will always engage with interactive media. The question is, what will you get in return. If it’s not money, it better be useful data. Again, we’re happy to help you understand what is helpful or not. Set up a 15-minute call to speak with a Marketing Consultant.

What will 2024 bring? If I had a crystal ball, I’d tell you – right after I picked the winning numbers for the next Mega Millions lottery. Regardless of what happens, there are ways for you to maximize the impact and return on investment from your marketing. And in 2024 I will still be sharing tips on this blog. Or email me directly and I will put you into my Insider’s Email list so the tips will come right to your inbox.