Consulting Services


Is your company still too small to support a marketing department? Do you feel your marketing is working but could work better if you had someone to guide you and help you measure the results you are getting from it? If so, our Consulting Services are just what you need!

The marketing and revenue growth strategy professionals from Foresight Performance can be brought in on a consultation basis to help you make changes to your marketing program and identify gaps that, once closed, could lead to higher revenue and greater profitability. Our consultants will develop metrics and KPIs for you to use in measuring the success of your program, and even show you how to use the analysis tools you already have available to you, such as Google Analytics. If additional analysis tools are indicated, we can point you in the direction of the right tools for your needs.

"We get better results while saving our clients thousands of dollars every year"

We bring all of our expertise and experience to bear as we guide you (and your marketing team) in ways that will help your internal efforts produce results faster, better, and even cheaper. We save our clients thousands of dollars every year by creating better metrics, KPIs, processes, and then optimizing their budgets to get them better results.

Foresight Performance provides a cost-effective way of ensuring that every dollar you apply to your marketing efforts results in increased awareness, leads, closed business, and customer satisfaction. These are the four stages in every customer’s journey. We’re not shy about helping you from the moment we start working with you either.

Many clients have told us that our consultants have been invaluable to them, that our insights are unique and our advice was more helpful than they imagined when they hired us (take a look at our testimonials). Consultations with us typically provide immediate recommendations to help generate additional revenue – and many times this is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, we have done this during a single, consultation meeting, and we may be able to do the same for you!

Are you ready to get more for the money you spend on marketing? Call us for an appointment and get started today!