Three Steps to Better Results from Your CRM

The Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) provides a critical link between sales, marketing, product development, and operations. When used properly, a CRM will help you understand your customers better, improve your offerings, close more sales and shorten the sales cycle. From a simple offline spreadsheet to a more sophisticated cloud-hosted app, almost everyone in business today is using some type…

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What is Marketing Strategy Anyway?

Marketing has become increasingly complex and data-driven. Every year new tools that pull better data from more sources and enable increasingly personalized marketing become available, but using them to get better results is not as simple as it sounds. Choosing the tools to use and putting them together in a cohesive program is difficult at best – even for a…

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The Truth About SEO and Digital Marketing

Business spending on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing, including Pay Per Click advertising, has increased exponentially. Smaller companies are feeling the pressure to include digital marketing in their stack in spite of the fact that it frequently consumes 100% of their available budget. Is it worth it? As a Marketing Strategy Consultant, it is very rare for me…

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