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How To Succeed With DIY Marketing

I get it. Business owners need to save money, and marketing seems like an easy enough task to tackle on your own, so why not Do-It-Yourself? I mean, these days there are plenty of marketing “how-to” videos and blogs. And when you also have access to “secret strategies” that are shared by experts, DIY marketing should be a walk in the park, right?

Well, maybe not. You see, while you can certainly learn a lot about different ways to market your company, unless the advice is tuned to your company, your results are likely to be disappointing. Google might like to think that marketing consultants and fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are unnecessary, but we are actually more valuable now than ever.

Marketing is getting increasingly complex. The value of experience and knowledge should not be underestimated. And if it were true that you don’t need marketers or their expertise, why are you reading this blog? So, what’s the best way to succeed with DIY marketing? Avoid the hidden costs.

Here are five things to watch for if you want to be successful with your DIY approach:

Don’t use DIY marketing as a money-saving strategy

The main reason people do their own marketing is to save money. Many businesses are on a tight marketing budget. The perception is that hiring a fractional CMO or Marketing Consultant will cost too much, but that’s not true.

It does cost money to hire people with expertise, but you should think of it as an investment with a direct and measurable return. You’ll see the results reflected in your bottom line. Doing your own marketing is a great way to experiment and learn, but DIY marketing to save money is not a good strategy for success.

Be aware of these common mistakes

If saving money is your top priority, you’re more likely to make mistakes in your marketing efforts. You’ll get lost in all the optimization guides that tell you to tweak your button colors and web form titles. You might even fall for a marketing scam.

Five of the most common DIY marketing mistakes the people make when they prioritize on saving money are:

  • Not starting with a solid foundation (this takes time)
  • Not knowing enough about your target market
  • Not tailoring your posts and messages
  • Not having a plan that integrates all aspects of your marketing
  • Ignoring conversion optimization

All of these mistakes can be avoided by hiring a professional.

Know the difference between outsourcing tasks and having a marketing strategy

Perhaps the most dangerous trap a DIY marketer can fall into is mistaking the outsourcing of multiple tasks for a marketing strategy. Without experience in the industry, it can seem like a marketing strategy consists of a series of tasks that are performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Engaging with fans on social media, posting videos, sending out email blasts, collecting leads through a web form, and other tasks are all components of a marketing strategy but they aren’t the actual strategy.

A marketing strategy is the master plan for how all the components fit together to achieve your goals. If you’re performing tasks without a master plan, you don’t have a strategy; you have a task list. An experienced industry expert will create a master plan that frames all of your tasks to align with your financial goals, not just complete the checklist of tasks.

Doing your own marketing is a great way to learn the art and gain experience, but you need help – and a strategy – from a professional to be successful.

Recognize when you need help

There is power in being able to say “I don’t know.” This is true in all areas of life. When you can acknowledge that you don’t know something, you create the space for a solution. When you already know everything, no new information can come through.

As a consultant and Fractional CMO, I continue to learn new things. That doesn’t mean I don’t know that I am doing. It does mean I am more focused on providing a solution that will work for you than I am on being right all the time.

Keep learning and connect with a professional

You don’t need to ditch your DIY marketing efforts altogether. Keep learning and take in as much expert advice as you can. At the same time, connect with a professional and ask for help. It’s a real advantage to have an expert analyze your existing strategies, because they’ll help you build a strategy that works better.

At Foresight Performance, we work with our clients in the way that best suits their needs and accomplishes their goals. We have advisory/consulting, and Fractional CMO service offerings. Check them out, and feel free to set up a complimentary conversation with me.