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How To Get Better Marketing Results

It’s not uncommon for me to be asked by a client why their email marketing is not producing sales. And my response is always a question: How are you using it and what other marketing tactics are you using? I would not expect email marketing to produce sales if it’s being used in the manner most companies are using email. However, if you shift your focus and strategy for any marketing method, it can generate leads and conversions. It’s just that sending an email blast or newsletter out once a month is not how to do that. So how do you get better results from your marketing program?

To begin with, you need to consider that your audience will probably end up on your website at some point. For many, this is the first place they look to learn about your company (especially if you are using SEO, PPC or other digital marketing methods), so it’s really important to make sure your website is not where prospects are dropping out of the funnel. If you need to update your website, there’s some good news: John Tully, owner of Delta Strategic Marketing, one of the top website design and digital marketing firms I work with, recently explained that advances in website design mean a company may have the option to rebuild their existing site instead of rebuilding it. Here is an FAQ page John created to explain the differences in approach, the results you can expect, and the relative costs.

So, now that you have a great looking website, how do you get better results when you use email, SEO, PPC/SEM, or social media? The answer lies with your strategy. Your marketing program needs to lead your prospects through the entire Customer Journey, from Awareness, to Education, Decision, Purchase, and – just as importantly – Post-Purchase experience. You may be able to do all of that with a single channel, but it’s not as easy as using several channels, and it’s also risky to do that (here’s why).

Choose the channels where you are most likely to be able to connect with your audience, and decide in advance what you want to achieve with each interaction, contact, or the content you are sharing. Then, structure your program to lead the prospects through the funnel. Marketing Automation Solutions can be very helpful too (here are three ways MarTech can help your business). And finally, measure your results in meaningful ways – and do so at interim points, not just at the end of a campaign.

A strong, well designed marketing program can really drive a lot of business development for you, and it will also help you control your costs. So the real “secret” (which, is not really a secret at all) is in your strategy and planning.