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How To Market Your Business Better

Marketer: Don’t give your customers too many options. It’s confusing.

Also marketer: Here are a million ways to market your business.

We marketers don’t always practice what we preach – mostly because there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to growing your business. So, we have developed – and continue to develop – more channels and methods to reach prospective customers and others who need to know about you and hear your message. There are many individual tools that you can use, and the number of combinations is infinite, but which one works?

All of them – but each works best under different circumstances. I’m sure that helps, right? Okay, so maybe it doesn’t, but please don’t leave yet. I promise I will clarify how to choose the right marketing methods for your business. But first, here’s an analogy to get us started:

Let’s say you need to hang a picture. You have a hammer, a screwdriver, tape, a nail, and a screw. Which do you use?

The answer is that it depends. If the picture is being hung on wallboard or wood, the hammer and nail would do the trick. If it’s being hung on a metal surface, a screwdriver and screw may be needed. But if it’s being hung on a wall in which you are not allowed to make any holes, the tape would be your best option.

How does this relate to your marketing? Simple: Before you choose the marketing tools, tactics, or methods to use, you need to know what the goals, parameters, and constraints are. That means that you need a strategy before you create the plan, and the plan before you choose the activities, or your marketing may not work very well.

The strategy defines the goal(s), the process for finding prospective customers before they have made a decision so you can help them see your value, and the place where you can meet your customers at the moment when they are ready to buy. It should also identify any constraints that may exist – like budget – and conditions that must be met after the decision is made to ensure that the sale will be successful.

The strategy drives the plan toward the goal(s) by maximizing opportunities within the parameters of your target market and the constraints you face. A plan without a strategy wanders aimlessly. And the plan defines how to use the activities to get the best results. The activities are really not knowable unless you have a strategy and plan. Without those, the activities – or tools you use – are just like throwing darts at a dartboard with a blindfold on and hoping you will hit a few bullseyes.

Sounds simple? Well, it can be, but, surprisingly, the majority of small and mid-size businesses start their marketing by choosing the activities to use, like digital marketing, SEO, networking, or video marketing, and they have no comprehensive strategy or cohesive plan.

Do you want better results from your marketing? Then start with a solid marketing strategy that drives a marketing plan and helps identify the best marketing tools, tactics, and methods for achieving your goals in the shortest time possible.

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