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Brand Building or Lead Generation?

If you’ve been following my posts and reading my blogs, you know how often I talk about the ineffectiveness of focusing on Lead Generation. I’ve pointed out that a need for more leads is a symptom, not the underlying issue. And addressing the symptoms without fixing the issue is about as effective as putting a Band-Aid® on an amputated limb.

The need to focus on your Brand is much greater than the need to have a catchy tag line or memorable UVP. I know how badly you want to get on with developing that kick@$$ website, great campaign, or fabulous pricing model. But focusing on “Lead Generation” is nothing more than a distraction from the things you really need to address.

There are many more effective strategies for growing your company, and you need to do much more than develop a catchy “elevator pitch.” You need to develop Brand Loyalty and create Brand Loyalists. Lots of people talk about creating Customer Loyalty, but I disagree. Below is a comparison of Brand Loyalty and Customer Loyalty.

The Difference Between Brand Loyalty and Customer Loyalty

A key point here is that the clients who are loyal to your brand are much better for your company’s growth than even your most loyal customers will ever be. Why? Because Brand Loyalists are aligned with your “raison d’être.” They are not just there for a special deal you offered, or because they liked your slogan. And when you focus on creating Brand Loyalty, a lot of other things that made no sense before will start to become totally clear.

For example, that Pay-per-Click ad you spent a lot of time and money developing that didn’t work? Why do you think that is? Because it was designed to attract people who were potential customers. Viewing people as “customers” or “clients” is treating them as a transaction. Nobody wants to be treated like a transaction.

To be clear, I am not saying you can attract clients or close business without doing any promotion or advertising. What I am saying is that when you start with a focus on creating Brand Loyalists, your campaigns will provide a different experience. All your marketing tactics will. And your company (and revenue) will grow stronger, be more consistent and more reliable, and enable that “explosive growth” all the marketing agencies promise.

Does that mean you have to throw out everything you’ve created and start all over again? Absolutely not. It does, however, mean you need to refocus on building Brand Loyalty, and that can impact your offerings, pricing model, target market, marketing messaging and tactics, and even your team.

Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. We can help make sure it isn’t daunting, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. One thing we know for certain: Tag lines, UVPs, great campaigns, discounts, and promotions don’t build brands. Delivering excellence does. When you focus on building your brand and generating Brand Loyalists instead of leads. The leads will follow more reliably and your business will grow.

Curious about this idea? Reach out for a 15-minute chat or set a meeting up on my calendar! I promise you won’t be sorry.

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