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What Marketing Trends Will Continue In 2023?

Can you believe it’s already the end of 2022? And that means it’s time to start planning for 2023. This year we saw a lot of marketing trends that came and went, but a few have endured and proved to be worthwhile. Do you want to get a jump on your planning for next year? Would you like to know which trends in small business marketing are going to continue into 2023?

Well, you know it’s going to include digital marketing, which continues to be a preference of small businesses – because it’s effective. Here are five digital marketing tactics that we expect to see remain popular next year:

✅ Real time messaging provides a great advantage in capturing the attention of those who are ready to make a decision, even if they find you later in their search. There are a number of ways to reach your audience in real time. Which ones are you using?

✅ Video is going to remain strong. It’s a medium that works on a wide variety of platforms. It’s time to get over your fear of being on camera and add video to your marketing mix, but don’t go overboard. People still prefer to read.

✅ Email marketing continues to be a strong and economical performer for small businesses, especially those in the B2B segment. If you’re not getting good results with your email marketing, it may be a good idea to skip to the final suggestion below.

✅ Artificial Intelligence, when it’s used properly, enhances your ability to stay in contact with your prospects and follow them through their buying journey. The key phrase here is “when it’s used properly.” Artificial Intelligenceis a powerful tool, but if you don’t understand it, you’re likely paying a lot of money for features you’re not using. That’s another reason to consider the next bullet.

✅ ✅ Outsourcing gets two checkmarks because 2023 is going to be a year when all small businesses will be forced to run lean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow. Outsourcing gives you the right skills when you need them. Among your outsourced considerations should be a fractional CMO.

Outsourcing is going to provide a real competitive advantage for some companies. The labor and talent market is still hot, and likely will be until at least the end of this year. That means that companies need to get a jump on their 2023 without counting on the permanent hires they may have planned for. But outsourcing to “fractional” talent provides many advantages over permanent hires anyway. These include being able to afford deeper expertise without the cost of a full-time employee with the same skills, and the ability to have that expertise only for the time you need it.

A fractional CMO can create a solid strategy that integrates your offline and digital marketing activities, as well as your sales program so you’re getting the best result possible. There are marketing consultants who focus on small business, and we understand your challenges. The cost is minimal compared to the value provided.

Want to know what else can a fractional CMO can do for your small business? Take a look at this page: