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Improve Your Marketing And Make More Money

Recent studies have shown that a focus on lead generation reduces the effectiveness of marketing efforts for all sizes of company, across all industries. That may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true.

To generate closed and repeat business, it is essential to prioritize developing relationships and authentically representing the brand. A catchy or slick campaign, great lead magnet, or memorable elevator pitch is not enough. The purpose of a great elevator pitch is to initiate a conversation and begin building a relationship. Companies that rely solely on their elevator pitch or value proposition may be lacking a comprehensive understanding of creating a strong brand.

The common belief is that “It’s a numbers game.” Does it need to be? Can you improve authenticity and convert more prospects from the leads you already have? It is possible, and here are twelve steps for doing just that:

  1. Make everything about your customer

Your customer needs to feel special. Make all your communications valuable to them.

  1. Communicate and deliver on your Brand Promise

A Brand Promise lets people know what they can expect with every interaction with the company. You should be delivering on that promise every time.

  1. Incorporate what the heart of your brand stands for in all your messaging

You’re going all out to make your customers feel like they are at the very center of all your business decisions. Let them know about that in your communications.

  1. Be consistent not only in messaging but also in style

Create and use a set of standards that defines how your brand will look in all places. This should address colors, fonts, and the proper use of your logo and all other brand identity elements. Using a style guide ensures your look is consistent.

  1. Actively look for and analyze feedback

Don’t wait for customers to provide feedback when they want to. Actively solicit feedback, and then improve on whatever it is that you discover needs improving.

  1. Focus on providing value and educating your customers

Again, providing value to your customers is key. Educating them helps them with their own business, which is of great value to them.

  1. Feature Subject Matter Experts

Don’t be the only voice in the room. Talking heads are great, but expert opinions and panel discussions are better.

  1. Have a story with a human touch (your company is you and your people too!)

Your company has a personality and heart. It has a story behind it. Tell the story. Be real. It will help you connect on an emotional level.

  1. Focus on the benefits to the customer of your offerings, not the features

This is a huge part of making things all about your customer, not your company. Put yourself in their shoes and tell them how they will benefit, not just what they get.

  1. Keep your message and tone consistent

Predictability is important. Consistency results in predictability.

  1. Test before launching

How many emails have you received that were quickly followed by a “wrong link” or “oops” message? Don’t frustrate your audience. Test everything before you launch.

  1. Be vulnerable and don’t fear mistakes

Nobody is perfect. Being vulnerable and letting customers and prospects see that you can make mistakes and how you act when you do helps build trust.

It’s important to remain true to yourself and your brand to avoid unintentionally diminishing your return on investment and producing inaccurate data that can lead to future mistakes. Building authenticity with your audience involves engaging with them on a deeper level, acknowledging their thoughts and feelings, and recognizing them as unique individuals. Failure to do so could result in losing potential customers who feel unacknowledged and misunderstood during their journey through your sales funnel.

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