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Are You Using Video Marketing?

Do you have video in your marketing strategy? How many and what type videos are you using? When and where are you deploying your videos? If you aren’t using video as part of your marketing strategy, or you only have a single explainer video, you are likely missing out on the benefits of one of the most powerful tools available for your marketing success.

Video engages your audience in a very different way than your website, blog, digital ads, or any other elements of your marketing program. 64 percent of consumers who watch a video make a purchase, and landing pages with video on them convert 80 percent more often than those without video. It can be a powerful way to improve your brand – if it’s done well. That last part is key: I do not recommend using homemade videos, or videos shot on a phone.

A good quality video not only helps your message stick better, it can also help establish your value as a business partner or product provider, especially when you are using a value-based pricing model. It conveys the message that you reinvest in your company. A lesser quality video, on the other hand, could inadvertently signal a company that is financially unhealthy or struggling.

There are three main categories of video you can use in your marketing strategy: awareness, engagement, and education. A fourth category – entertainment – is also used in some industries, though its value is not as clear yet. As with any comprehensive marketing program, you will want to consider the value of having videos from each category as part of your overall strategy. Video is one marketing approach for which value, not cost, needs to be a primary consideration.

People prefer watching a video to reading, so it can help advance your brand better and faster than other marketing activities. How many videos, what type, where you use them and how often you release new videos will all depend on your company’s goals, objectives and strategy. Many companies have a single explainer video, which is a start but not likely enough. It is important to match the videos you use to your strategy for moving prospects along the customer journey.

Some business owners mistakenly think video is of no value to them after they create their explainer video and it doesn’t generate leads. However, the goal of an explainer is to act as an introduction to your company. It works in the same way an awareness campaign works. Combining it with other marketing will help move your prospects further than the video alone.

As with everything else in marketing, a more comprehensive overall strategy in conjunction with a solid video marketing program will help your company achieve greater success. If you have not begun to use video in your marketing program yet, you are missing out on the benefits of reaching your customers in a unique and effective way.

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