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A.I.M. For Better Marketing Results

Are you happy with the results from your marketing? If not, your marketing program is probably missing something. It’s not uncommon to find business leaders who are not marketing effectively, so you’re not alone. This frequently happens when the focus is on costs instead of the desired results. But developing more effective marketing programs does not necessarily result in increased costs, and it could even reduce your costs.

Here is a three-step approach to creating more effective marketing for your business, I call it the AIM Method

  1. Audience
    • Define your (ideal) prospect
      Before you do anything else with your marketing make sure that you have accurately defined your audience. You could be selling water in the desert but that doesn’t mean everyone who passes by will want to buy it. They may already have their own water.
    • Develop a list of people you know who fit that audience
      You will certainly know people who (truly) fit your ideal prospect. If you don’t already have them in a list that can be used in your marketing efforts create that list with the information you will need to reach out to them
    • Create your message
      What is your value proposition – to your audience, not from your perspective? What pain points does your product or service address? When is the best time to purchase your product for maximum pain reduction? Do you have a strong Call to Action (CTA)?
  2. Implementation
    • Design your campaign(s)
      How and where will you deliver your message? Are you using more than one channel to reach your target audience? Are the channels you are using the places where your audience looks when they are experiencing the pain points you can help them solve?
    • Launch your campaign(s)
      How long is the campaign? When will it start and end? How does the program evolve over time to increase interest and lead the prospects through the sales funnel?
  3. Measurement
    • Assess what your prospects do when they receive your message(s)
      Metrics should be decided upon during the design of the program and should give you visibility into the prospects’ behavior as the campaign progresses. Waiting until the end of a campaign to measure is a waste of time, effort, and money.
    • Follow up (with your prospects)
      Do what you say you will do in the campaign messaging – and don’t assume your prospect will contact you. Include several personal touches in your campaign design.

Better AIM will lead to better results from your marketing program.

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