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When It’s Time to Reset Your Marketing

If during this quarantine period you didn’t gain a new skill, start a new project, or update your product line, you are not alone and you have not failed! Not every business leader moved in the same direction. More importantly, this pandemic has been disorienting and overwhelming to all of us, so give yourself a break.

When you are ready to reset your marketing efforts, you will undoubtedly find that money is tighter than ever. You probably will need to combine a do-it-yourself approach with hiring experts when needed. But what should you do to reset your marketing and ensure you get the best results for the least cost? Here are five marketing activities you can do to get (re)started:

Content Marketing

This is a good time to review all educational articles, e-books, white papers, etc. you have been using as part of your content marketing strategy to ensure you are still sending the right message. You may need to add, change or delete what you have. Don’t forget to review any content that is configured to deliver automatically and update your content strategy and plan.

Website and Blogging

This is also a good time to review your website and make sure you don’t need to make changes to it. These means content changes, blog updates, or updating and adding more lead generation elements, like calls to action, landing pages or even an abandoned cart script (for e-comm sites). Many of these changes you can do yourself, and a good web developer like Delta Strategic Marketing can certainly help with the more technical changes.

Email Marketing

When was the last time your contacts heard from you? Has your email marketing program gone silent? While you will probably want to call your top customers, prospects, and closest contacts, all of your contacts should be hearing from you at least periodically. Email is a great way to keep in touch, and this is a good time to look at making some real improvements to your email marketing to increase open and click through rates. We’d be happy to guide you.

Social Media Marketing

In this time of social distancing, people have been turning to Social Media to feel less isolated and more connected. The mix of social media that’s right for your business, or at a specific point in time, may change, but its effectiveness won’t. Hire a good Social Media Marketing Consultant like Follow Me Social Media to get advice before you make major changes.

Video Marketing

Video marketing was hot before we started social distancing. Now it can be even more effective as more and more people turn to video as a source of learning new things or just entertainment. An entertaining video added to your content marketing strategy could be a good idea right now.

And, of course, you should be updating your marketing strategy and plan to reflect any changes you are making to these five marketing areas. If you need assistance with that, schedule a limited consultation with me.