Video Tips and Marketing Information

Video is taking the Internet by storm. It already accounts for more than 1/3 of all Internet activity, and it is estimated that by the end of 2018 more than 80% of content consumed on the Internet will be video. You cannot afford to leave video out of your strategy, at least we don't think so. Click here for a recent article about the importance of video marketing today. 

We have created videos for use on websites, in blog posts , and in email campaigns. Our clients have experienced success and have found that the addition of video provides a very good ROI.Here is a 1 minute video on the top benefits of video in your marketing strategy, followed by a few examples of our favorite videos that we created for clients that we think will help you see the value even better:



Keep checking back on this page, because we plan to offer more tips on video marketing -- many created as videos, of course -- and some examples of we have created for clients. You never know what you might learn.

Videos We've Done For Clients

Here are a few examples of videos we have created for client websites:

This is an explainer video we did for a Business Advisory Firm:


This is on the home page of Jack's website, which can be seen here.

When a Website Developer wanted a unique explainer video for their website, we created this one:



Video is so important for an effective marketing strategy, and we don't only offer animated video. Here is a video we collaborated on for a Cross Media Marketing agency (and our collaborator on this one):


You can see this video and their entire website -- with content by Foresight -- here.

Check back often for more tips on the use of video in your marketing strategy and plan!