Special Events

Our Commitment To The Business Community

It's why Foresight Performance sponsors and produces a series of small business seminars, talks, and courses that are designed to help you improve your own bottom line. Some feature our own professionals who have over 30 years of business experience. Others feature business owners we know who are the best at doing what they do.

Here is the list of our current offerings:

Quit Your Pitching! And Make More Money: Want the secret to attracting more high-quality customers? In this interactive class, we explore the ways we consciously and subconsciously turn away our best prospects when we need them most and what to do instead to attract the clients we are looking for.  

Market Research for the Small or Mid-Sized Business: Market research is more important for smaller businesses than it is for larger companies. But how can smaller businesses afford it and stay in business? In this session we discuss creative market research that has worked for smaller companies -- and how to afford it! 

Value-Based Pricing: Pricing is perhaps the most difficult business challenge. In this session we discuss value-based pricing -- how to set it and how to get it. Worth hundreds of times the cost of the seminar, and this one comes with a one-to-one mentoring session to help you accomplish your pricing goals.

Build an Irresistible Product Line: Why do some products take off and others do not? Whether you offer a product or a service, building a line of offerings that sells itself is more science than luck. Join us for this informative 90 minute seminar during which you will discover how to develop or refine your offerings so they are as irresistible to your audience as Apple products are. 

Customer Acquisition: Wondering how to find new customers or markets and convert more sales?In this 90 minute seminar we explore creative ways to find new markets, source new customers, and explode your sales! 

Secrets to Successful Content Marketing: Do you wish your content generated more than just a passing interest and time management issue? This seminar discusses the top content marketing strategies of today and how to implement them in your business without causing a time management issue or going broke paying for content creation. 

Video Marketing: Video is exploding on the Internet. Are you being left behind by your competition? In this session we will discuss the use of video on your web site, as part of your content marketing strategy, and in your email campaigns. We'll look at why it's important to include video in your overall marketing plan and strategy, how to make video work to achieve specific goals, and how to engineer a viral video.

Retention Marketing: Remember the game "Finders Keepers"? This course is the business version of that game. If you have trouble creating customer loyalty, this seminar is for you. In it we discuss ways to increase the chances of repeat business and customer loyalty building.

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