Our Process

We're Different. Really.

At Foresight Performance, we don't just create advertising campaigns. We create marketing programs that will help you create the brand loyalty you need to grow your business.

Many business owners open the door with a product or service in mind and then try to generate demand for their offerings. They spend a lot on advertising and awareness campaigns, and when they don't get the results they expect, they increase their advertising. While this can work initially, it is one of the most common reasons business leaders feel like salmon swimming upstream to try to stay in business.  It is also why many businesses take so long to get up and running profitably.

At Foresight, we know that people do not buy products or services because they exist; they buy because the product or service fills a defined need and provides unique value. This is true whether the buyer is a consumer or a business.Sales can be generated with a predictable cycle represented in the marketing funnel. Customers progress through a series of stages from awareness to advocacy as they experience the value of your products or services.

We know how to develop brands, products, offerings, and programs that drive market demand and create brand loyalty, at a price point that brings profitability. Every day we help our clients drive the demand for their products and services at a price point they set while growing sales revenue. Not possible? Tell that to Apple – or Tesla!

We create and tell your story in a way that brings your prospects from awareness to action and creates enough momentum to carry customers from action to advocacy. And we follow a process that has been proven to perform time and again!

Foresight Performance can help you figure out why your advertising is not working and help you adjust or refocus your efforts. We use a successful, time-tested cyclical process that encompasses all marketing media (including SEO, SEM, and Social Media) and enables you to grow and transform the program with experience. It includes the metrics you need to measure outcomes -- even for social media initiatives. 

Contact us today to find out why we're certain we can help you make more money while lowering your costs!