Three Non-Internet Marketing Strategies That Work!

Business leaders in the small and medium business segment need to find ways other than traditional advertising to attract new clients. In a market environment where big company voices are seemingly ubiquitous, what non-traditional marketing methods work for small and medium businesses?

Here are three that are successful for most companies:

Tell a Compelling (and Unique) Story

Client purchases are, in large part, a decision driven by emotion. So is customer loyalty. A one-line USP certainly helps to attract the market, but once they are looking at your product prospective clients will start asking questions about the product, your company, and even your people and processes.

Clients don’t just buy products; they buy companies! Customer loyalty is important, and a compelling story will help clients understand the value of your company and inspire them to purchase from you repeatedly and at (almost) any price. A compelling story will attract a market that is not shopping on price alone, and it will inspire loyalty.

Referral Networking

Referral networks are groups of companies that agree to refer business to each other. There are many referral networking groups out there, and the impact they have on small and medium business can be substantial. Referral partners need to understand your company, so a referral networking group is also a good place to test your compelling story.

Some groups work better than others, and you trust your reputation to your referred partners, so you should check out any group carefully before joining. Two key factors you will want check into are: 1) That the member companies are reputable; and 2) That they are also committed to referring business back to you. They will probably want to make sure you’re a fit for the group as well. Referral networks can be crucial to every small and medium business that is competing against larger, more established companies that provide the same products or services.

Cold Calling

Okay, no one likes cold calling, but it is one of the best methods for small and medium businesses to find new clients without significant cost. I admit that cold calling is unpleasant – and that may be an understatement – but it is important for every business to do, especially in the earlier days of the organization.

Cold calling forces you to think on your feet and encourages creativity. You not only have to sell your company and product(s), you also have to sell yourself as well as adapt your answers to the needs of each potential client you speak with. Some sales trainers I know recommend making every new salesperson cold call when they start to enhance their training and ultimate success. This is also an excellent way to break into new markets, rebrand, or rebuild your company after a significant loss of clients (which usually signals a market-related shift if your product line had a solid track record before the loss). Bottom line: Cold Calling works, and you should use it!

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