Content Is King, But Who Rules Your Content?

Mantras. Marketers use a lot of them, and perhaps none more so than “Content is King!” Maybe that’s because it is true in both digital and traditional marketing – and especially true for your digital marketing. And many business owners have spent countless hours creating content for their SEO strategy only to find that few people actually read what they write – and even fewer show up as improvements in rankings, let alone increases in sales. So, if content really is king, why do so many blogging business owners not get any results for all their effort? Who rules your content?

Targeting Your Customers

Content is king, but the real ruler of your content – and the most important piece of your content strategy – is the buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client or buyer. It’s created using a combination of market research and real data from your actual clients. And the businesses that experience the fastest growth use them – often! If your content strategy is not based upon a buyer persona, you’re likely experiencing these symptoms: lots of effort, a little bit of interest, but low – or no – impact on either SEO rankings or sales, and a very long sales cycle! Using a buyer persona will help to change that!

Personas incorporate many facts about your ideal client(s) that help you understand your buyer and their buying decision process extremely well. The best representations include many characteristics of the ideal buyer, such as likes, dislikes, habits, hobbies, educational level, role or title, and recreational activities. By basing your content– and your content strategy – on a buyer persona, you will be focusing on the things that are most important to them, which will help you get more attention from the right people as well as improve your SEO results, sales, and sales cycle. 

So, content is king, buy buyer personas are the real rulers of your content! But how many should you have, and how are they used? How many personas you have will depend upon the number of market segments you target, and how specific you want to get within each segment. The more specific you get within each segment, the more powerful the impact of the buyer persona. Once you have created a persona, you use it to create a content strategy that will appeal to the buyer’s characteristics – making your message more likeable and memorable. The more completely developed your buyer persona is, the greater the impact. I recommend that you also create at least one negative persona to remind yourself of the people you do not want to attract – because these will either never buy or will not provide a high lifetime value, so the ROI for serving them will be much lower (and margins much slimmer). 

If you would like a copy of a free Buyer Persona template, email me. And don’t worry. I will respect your privacy and won’t fill your inbox with useless email. My buyer persona doesn’t have time for that.