Successful Messaging: Another Lesson from Donald Trump’s Campaign

We, in the US, just had an election. Did you notice? And that election provided us with another tremendous lesson in marketing and the power of aligning your message with your audience’s interests. Once again it comes from a study of the campaign of Donald Trump.

Okay, so everyone tells you to align your message with your target audience, but gaining market share goes beyond aligning with the audience. It’s a science in the end-to-end study of your audience. Donald Trump is an extraordinary brand builder, which I said in this post more than a year ago, and a fresh look at his campaign continues to provide insights into how to market successfully. 

There are five steps to effectively delivering your message to your target audience:

  1. Identify Your Audience
  2. Listen To What They Are Saying
  3. Craft Your Message Carefully
  4. Determine When, Where And How To Deliver The Message
  5. Optimize The Delivery Of The Message

Donald Trump’s campaign nailed them all.

Identifying Your Audience

It’s not enough to know who your audience is, you also need to know where they live, work, and play, what their pain is, and, most importantly, how to inspire them to action. That was Trump’s first “win.” He identified his audience better than any of his competitors in the primary and final election.

Listen To What They Are Saying

Listening to what the pain points are falls short of what you need to gain attention and inspire action. You also need to know why these are pain points and what your audience is willing to do to stop the pain. In this case, the true pain was feeling unheard and over-taxed. This was the 21st century equivalent to the Boston Tea Party.

Craft Your Message Carefully

Once you know what your audience is saying, you need to create a message that speaks to them on both the conscious and subconscious level. Resonating on the subconscious level is what will inspire them to act.

Determine When, Where And How To Deliver The Message

If you truly know your audience, you will know when they are going to be most receptive to your message, and where they will be listening for it. If the pain the audience feels is constant, your audience will want to hear about the solution to their pain message constantly. Think about it: Donald Trump was in the news every day.

Optimize Delivery Of The Message

Messaging that helps the audience feel part of a cohesive group can help validate their pain. After all, if everyone around you is feeling the same thing, it must have validity. Mr. Trump’s constant claims about political corruption as embodied by Secretary Clinton’s email use, rigged elections, and a biased press corps was strong, clear, and delivered when the audience was listening in a large group.

If you want to improve your marketing results, following these steps should help – whether or not you voted for Donald Trump.