Hindsight is 20/20. Progress Requires Foresight.

You can't grow your brand or your business if you don't know where you're going, and you can't get ahead if you are always looking behind you. 

Does your marketing program start a conversation with your prospects before you meet them, support the conversation when you do meet, and continue the conversation after you leave? It should do all three.

Foresight Performance specializes in designing creative, strategic, marketing programs that advance your brand, generate more leads, improve conversion rates, and help you grow your company. We develop solutions with vision, innovation, and creativity to inspire action and enhance customer loyalty.

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Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. So does every business. Your story is the one that tells people why they should buy from you, and not your competition. But you need to tell that story the right way, in the right places, or you may as well be screaming into the wind.


At Foresight, we create the strategy to help you tell your story to the people who want to listen, and tell it in a way that customers will understand, resonate with, and be drawn to so you can close more business. We design strategies that maximize your marketing program's effectiveness, and improve your sales while reducing your costs. 


What's your story? We would love to design the strategy that helps you tell it effectively!

Our Story

Foresight Performance, LLC was started by a group of masterful business storytellers with the talent and expertise to tell your business story in every format appropriate for your business, and do so in the most compelling way possible. As we grew, we added strategic vision, marketing leadership, and revenue planning to our storytelling capabilities, and focused our efforts on designing world class, cross-media marketing programs that are aligned with your audience and which lead business growth.


Today we work with business leaders who have a need for a marketing department but are not yet ready to hire that department internally. We provide marketing leaders with proven executive-level experience to guide your marketing efforts and manage your marketing costs while growing your market presence. And with the talent Foresight provides, there is no need to hire internally and add overhead costs!


At Foresight Performance, we help small and mid-size companies grow and transform their brands and market presence -- strategically and dramatically!

What We Do

Your business has a unique and compelling story to tell. It's that story that attracts customers, keeps you focused, and builds your top and bottom line. But is your story attracting business or just interest?


Foresight Performance provides marketing program and branding strategy consulting services to small and mid-sized companies. Our solutions are designed to develop your business, improve marketing results, reduce or reallocate existing budget, and achieve better top and bottom line results.


Isn't it time to tell your story in a way that leads to business growth? Call us today and let us help create the strategies you need to move your business forward!

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